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to identify the n.r.a. as the far right and to separate them. nerpped, the right is more out of step than he is -- in other words, the right is more out of step than he is. >> if you look at public opinion broadly, it seems there's been a shift in the country. thrls been a 10% shift to the right amongst the republican party. so you have seen, it's true, a republican party that has shifted to the right. barack obama has managed through issues like gun control and the right through organizations like the n.r.a. to paint them as out of step with the mainstream of america more successfully than the right has managed to depict the president as being out of step with the mainstream of america. chris: i want to ask you about the cover of a magazine, has the country moved more towards the gun control position or not because of the horror at newtown? >> i think they've moved some to that position. the n.r.a. still has a stranglehold, but the president can use the extremism of the n.r.a., who are acting like a bunch of crazies that's days to help sell the rest of his agenda. chris: this is too far out
and -- chris: background checks? >> full background checks. the n.r.a. is going to be too smart by half here. they're going to totally oppose any kind of gun restrictions. and what they're going to end up with is the kind of background -- full background check scheme that the tea party types and the n.r.a. really don't like but what's really necessary. chris: let's talk about the n.r.a. this week they were very rejectionist and said get out of here and we're not doing anything. where are they going to end up? >> as howard was just saying on the background checks, one of the things that makes that particular issue different is that you have a lot of industry onboard. so people who sell guns, a company like wal-mart, they benefit if background checks are being applied to the loophole gun sales that currently are actually stealing their business. so areas where the n.r.a. can find common ground with business and common ground with the white house is where you will see the most action. chris: when it's all done and the dust settles what will the american people do through their congress to get s
] >> reporter: even as america was shaken by the horror of newtown, the nra escalated its rhetoric, claiming to add more than 100,000 new members, and taking a no-compromise stand. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: but did the nra go too far with this new web video today, focusing on the president's school-age daughters? >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? >> children of presidents have been off-limits for decades. there has been an understanding that we don't talk -- particularly about the minor children of presidents. >> nobody was talking about his children. nobody was doing that. >> reporter: in the aftermath of newtown, the nra is raising money, e-mailing supporters to upgrade their membership for what it calls the fight of the century. the e-mail says, "barack obama, joe biden and their gun ban allies in congress only want to blame you, bully you, vilify you and strip you of your sec
, this is something the nra, this last proposal, is something the nra says it supports. we'll see. this is going to be a tough road to hoe in congress, we know that, but one of the things about this, brian, one gun control activist said to us this is the most sweeping gun proposals since 1968, following the assassinations of r.f.k. and m.l.k. >> thanks, chuck todd at the white house. again, the late word on what we will be able to ascertain will be in the president's announcement tomorrow. >>> here's the other piece of this, elsewhere in the country, independent of the president and the federal government, state and local governments are acting on their own on gun control. we get that report tonight from nbc's ron allen. >> fire! >> reporter: a nation polarized over guns. teachers in texas and record numbers at this range take concealed handgun training. >> i think it's important for me to get prepared in case i ever do have to defend myself or my students. >> reporter: in chicago, mayor rahm emanuel wants to stop investing city pension funds in companies that make or sell assault weapons. and h
. >> gun control advocates say the nra is way out of line. and it may put the president's family in danger. >> i think they know full well that there's an element of the population that follows them that is very heavily armed. and you have to be very careful when you are putting out messages to a population that is heavily armed as some of these people are. kbr the head of the california republican party said a hard-hitting message is needed. he believes it is sparking a healthy discussion. >> i think the president has to be able to say to the american people why protection is needed for his had children in schools but not protection for other people's children. >> the white house responded swiftly saying that president's children should not be used as pawns in a political fight, the white house press secretary called the ad cowardly. reporting live in san francisco, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jody, thank you, we will continue the coverage of the president's announcement, including the nra's response and which proposals are most likely to pass congress. coming up at 6:00, our in
and responsible sponsorship. sunday the nra released a target shooting app on itunes, including one for those as young as preschoolers. nra practice range includes a shooting practice feature, safety tips and state by state gun laws designed for enthusiasts age 4 and up. >>> the aid bill to help victims of superstorm sandy could be voted on today in the house. the emergency spending package would send almost $51 million to victims in new york, new jersey and connecticut, but it faces a tough fight from conservatives who want to lower the cost and require offsetting spending cuts to pay for the efforts. lawmakers from the northeast from both parties are pushing the bill to help the recovery from the worst storm to strike the region. >>> in just over a week, secretary of state hillary clinton will testify on the 9/11 attack in benghazi, libya. clinton will talk to a house committee on january 23rd. earlier plans for her to testify were canceled when clinton got sick, suffered a concussion and was hospitalized for treatment of a blood clot in her head. the attack on the american compound in beng
debate continues the nra is facing new criticism, this time it's because of a game on itunes. it came out on the one-month of the sandy hook shootding. that was yesterday. players use a variety of of weapons, including assault weapons to fire on in door and outdoor gun ranges. the nra will not say they authorized the use of their name. last month the ceo blamed the nation's gun violation on violent video games. >> a birth control pill for men. researches are woerking on a pill that stopped men from producing sperm. it works by blocking vitamin a, a key component. tests in mice show it works 100% of time. >> anybody who has uncovered a stash of old home movies you know you are in for a treat. now imagine local history that belongs to all of us. we are talking about thousands of areas of film from the bay area waiting to be seen. we have the story of the man whose goal, all he wants to do is smar it with everyone. right? >> he is a brit that moved to the bay area less than a decade ago, but probably knows about the history in the' 50s and' 60s and' 70s than most, and he wants nothing more t
the violence in the games that ea makes. >>> the vice president met with the nra. we are there live where we wrapped up an interview with mr. templeton. what did he have to say? >> he was pretty disappointed, especially heading to a busy weekend. gun officials estimate they will get up to 10,000 people over the course of the weekend. now today is the day that vendors set up for the show. they are going to be more than 150 vendors on saturday and sunday, selling everything from guns and ammunition, to gun saves, gun parts and nooknives jewelry. they hold gun shows in four different states and consider this to be on the medium to small size. the show organizers tell me that over the last few weeks. public attendance at this shows has roughly doubled and they attribute it to the discussion of the possible changes in gun laws. now the owner and founder of crossroads of the west and he is the president of the national association of arms shows, bob templeton was just in washington, d.c. as you mentioned discussing the changes with the vice president. cabinet level officials and also others in the
but the nra says not so fast. >>> a new stomach bug is called the ferrari of viruses. it's fast-mong, highly contagious and u.s. health officials say it's taking over the u.s. all that, and manti te'o's bizarre explanation. destruction for safety's sake. we'll take you to the place where the sun is are warm, the wind is steady and life is good. "early today" right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, january 25th, 2013. >>> good morning. i'm richard lui. bitterly cold arctic air is gripping parts of the nation this morning for a third straight day. as you can see single digit temperatures are causing rivers to freeze in the boston area. and in methuen, massachusetts, amazing pictures show the spicket rivers falls frozen solid. here in new york, you can see the famous fountain in bryant park is covered in ice. bill karins will have much more on the deep freeze. >>> in the aftermath of the shootings in newtown, connecticut a new bill to propose the bill for assault weapons it be proposed. dianne feinstein names a bill that includes 150 firearms and semiautomatic rifles and pist
nra president and ceo is also scheduled to testify. we'll be watching that four on nbc news. >> severe weather rocked the nation last night. winds up to 70 miles per hour cut through mobile homes along with snapped power poles, a roof blown hoof a warehouse. bill karins has the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >>> major reaction to the president's immigration overhaul and determination to fast track new laws. he stated now is the time to fix a broken system. republican lawmakers are warning there's only so farther willing to compromise on this issue. tracie potts joins us with more. where don't they agree on this? >> reporter: richard a couple of areas where we think they won't agree, we got two manassas on the table now both with the same broad goals. what we don't know in those areas of disagreement that you talk about are in the details. starting today lawmakers iron out differences between their plan and president obama's how long it will take for people living here illegally to become citizens. >> it won't be a quick process but a fair process and it w
opposes any new legislation. conservative republicans are backing the nra. >> and i fail to see how passing additional laws that the department of justice will not enforce is going to make america any safer. >> it's clear, common ground on gun control may be hard to find. >> since the newtown shooting, lawmakers have introduced no less than eight gun control bills. right now the best chance for legislation appears to be in the areas of background checks and mental health care. >> thank you, and this is a list now you do not want to be on t there's hundreds of people in santa clare a county alone that own guns illegally and deputies are now cracking down. we are in the sheriff's office. tell us about the list? >> well, raj, these are people who purchased a gun legally, then did something to disqualify themselves from owning a gun by committing a felony perhaps. the sheriff's office said in this county alone, there are 529 people who fit that description, and combined they own more than 1200 guns. the sheriff said that thes of will look at each case individually to see how the deputie
: the nra says adding new laws would hit ordinary citizens, not criminals. >> my problem with background checks, you're never going to get criminals to go through universal background checks. >> reporter: many democrats want to limit magazines to ten bullets. while republicans say self defense may require more. >> one bullet in the hand of a mentally unstable person or a convicted felon is one too many. six bullets in the hands of a mother protecting her twin 9-year-olds may not be enough. >> reporter: today, in an interview with telemundo's jose diaz balart, president obama said new restrictions could make a difference. >> even if it doesn't save every person who is a potential victim of gun violence. we save a few. if we don't do that, shame on us. >> reporter: and the president goes on the road to minnesota monday to sell his own reforms. and many republicans and members of the nra are saying prosecutors today need to do more to enforce the laws that are already on the books. brian? >> kelly o'donnell, after a big day on the hill. kelly, thanks. >>> there are fewer places in this coun
universal background checks. >> reporter: but there was little sign that the white house and the nra found any common ground. after today's meeting, harsh words from the nra's president. >> the administration was able to check the box and say they talked to the representatives of firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment and now they were going to try to proceed with what they wanted to do. >> reporter: the nra reports, since the newtown shooting, its membership has swelled by 100,000, now standing at 4.2 million. and at an oklahoma city gun store, owner miles hall says his customers are preparing for tighter gun laws. >> what was interesting is who was doing the buying. this wasn't anybody crazed or anything about that. they were just people who wanted to have something before the government said they couldn't have it. >> reporter: public policy experts say the politics of gun control have shifted since newtown. >> the tragedy of what happened in newtown and the previous tragedies behind have clearly changed the game on gun control in a way that's historically unpre
, january 24. >>> coming up, the nra takes aim at a high-profile target, the president and children, were some say the ad is crossing the line. >>> plus, would new proposed rules on gun control really control guns? we break down the numbers in our reality check. >> and decades of history all in one bay area man's head. he's reliving some of the most famous inauguration moments n t next. >>> president obama today made it official he's urging congress it to pass the most comprehensive set of gun control measures since 1958. >> if there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there's even one life that can be saved, we have an o obligation to try it. >> new background checks for every gun sale, a ban on military style assault weapons and new limits on how much ammunition each gun magazine can carry. those proposals were largely developed by a new congressional passport that included bay area congresswoman jackie spear. she is also a high-profile victim of gun violence. jodi hernandez caught up with spears today to find out what she thought of the president's final proposapro
on a motive. >>> that shooting comes as a vice president joe biden met with the nra and other gun rights groups to discuss gun violence. the vice president will send his proposal to president obama on tuesday. it's expected to include a stronger background check system and a new ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. the nra released a statement after today's meeting saying, quote, we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. >>> the congressional black caucus is calling on president obama so nominate oakland congresswoman barbara lee as the nation's next labor secretary. current secretary hilda solis announced yesterday she was leaving her position. the 66-year-old lee has been in congress since 1998. >>> don't be surprised if the bay bridge appears to be flashing tonight. testing is set to begin on the bay lights art project. more than 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs have been attached on the san francisco side of the bridge. crews will run the first expense test ton
of recommendations sometime tomorrow. mean time, the nra says congress will likely block any new law that would ban assault rifles. the nra has so far prevented passage of another assault weapons ban like the one that expired back in 2004. >>> still ahead at 11:00, ryan wilson may be in an empire state of mind. the latest reports on one of the most popular giants in team history. >> a surprise news conference with the president this morning during which he warns congress he will not get in a fight over this country's debt limit. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >>> plus, has apple lost its cool? we'll take a look in business news. >>> in a surprise move today, president obama holding his very last news conference of his first term. he used the encounter to address the debt ceiling debate soon to be heating up on capitol hill. bob redell joining us live from the newsroom with the latest details on president obama's speech. good morning. >> good morning, jon. president obama used his final news conference of his first term to demand that congress raise this country's debt limit, warning lawmaker
association is vowing the fight of the century to block that. we'll talk to the nra's president coming up. >>> an inside look at scientology. an exclusive interview with oscar winning director and former scientology member paul hagut says he thinks the religion is a cult. the church dismisses him as the hypocrite of hollywood. we'll speak with him and talk to the author of a new book that explores the link between scientology and hollywood. >>> we want to get to breaking news. nbc's nichelle cokosinkski liven london. >> reporter: this has been changing by the moment. first, the report that a number of hostages has escaped. now that algerians have raided the facility and a number of have been killed, including hostages. 41 people held, among them americans, british, norwegians, and they called this retribution for french intervention in neighboring mali against militant there. at this hour scattered reports out of the algerian desert. that large bp gas facility, that a standoff is going on. algerian army has militants and dozens of international hostages surrounded. among them, americans.
wayne lapierre of the nra very hard when this came up, i challenge you as well with a question of, is this really going to make a difference? and rich lawry wrote something that caught my attention in "the national review." no one can write a law against mothers owning guns that one day might be turned against them by deranged sons who then commit horrific acts of murder-suicide. shooting rampages are hard to prevent because they are so often committed by young men with no criminal records who want to die. these are adult facts that don't intrude on the childish world of white house policy making. he notes adam lanza in newtown, his own mother of course passed a background check. >> here's the bottom line. these laws are not perfect. and you'll always find certain exceptions. but they make a huge difference. every major person who has studied the brady law, which is the most significant gun safety law we've passed in the last 20 years has said it has reduced gun violence dramatically. law enforcement is totally for the brady law. and the idea that felons or people who are mentally
violence, meanwhile the nra said that they will lobby hard to have congress block any new laws that will ban assault rifles. >> the president said he reserved the right to exercise annex active order to get new gun laws on the books. it's his last press conference of his first administration. the main topic was the looming fight over the debt ceiling saying that america is not a dead beat nation. mr. obama installed that he is not willing to negotiate when it's coming to raising the ceiling. if it's not raised, social security checks and benefits for veterans could be delayed. it could be harder to pay your bills now than it was a month ago. that is because uncle sam is taking an extra 2% out of everyone's check for social security. for most people in the bay area, that is about $80 a month or $1,000 a year. >> scott? >> we will do it with the help of mobile apps. now, step one if you have a mobile device. try to avoid the temptation to upgrade. there you saved your 80 dollars a month already. we have apps to show you, most of us is have to drive and spend money on gas. this ap
. >> reporter: the report also claims the white house may be looking for ways to work around the nra, but in nbc's "meet the press" today, republican senate leader mitch mcconnell said guns are not an immediate priority. >> there will be plenty of time to take a look at their recommendations once they come forward. the -- what's going to nominate washington for the next three months here is going to be spending and debt. >> reporter: president obama though has promised that gun violence is an issue he will not put off. mark potter, nbc news, miami. >>> turning overseas now to the crisis in syria and a rare public speech today from that country's embattled president, bashar al assad. nbc's stephanie gosk monitoring developments for us tonight from cairo. stephanie, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. bashar al assad does not show up in public much these days. his last speech was back in june. he spoke live today to his country, conceding nothing and as defiant as ever. in a packed opera theater in damascus, supporters jumped to their feet and cheered for syria's president. "we will d
, the nra had some harsh words. >> the administration was able to check the box and say they had talked to representatives of the firearms owners and the groups that support the second amendment. >> as those meetings were takes place, another school shooting. this one in a rural school in california. >>> with flu deaths increase in the west, people are getting concerned and rushing to get flu shots. the demand is leading to a vaccine shortage in some areas. >> reporter: the cdc says 128 million doses have been delivered. only 135 million have been made. experts say you can be exposed to the virus six feet away from a person who coughs or sneezes. once you are infected it is easy to pass it on to family and co-workers even before you have symptoms. an adult can be contagious 24 hours before they feel ill and make others sick up to a week afterward. >> reporter: 135 million have >> been made. in addition to a flu shot, doctors recommend frequently cleaning your hands and areas around you. a little perspective on that. on average, a work desk reportedly holds 400 times more than germs tha
a big meeting at the white house with the nra. vice president biden out front on this one as well. but the big question will they be able to get anything done here on capitol hill? with fiscal cliff part two and the debt and debt ceiling and lots of discussion about that, budget cuts, spending cuts possibly coming up the top republican on the nature side they may not get to gun control until the spring. richard. >> a lot of political capital will be spent on those issues. thank you so much. >> more turbulence for boeing's dreamliner. a fuel leak on a 787 forced it to cancel takeoff and return to the gate. one day later, a different plane also at logan caught fire. it was empty at the time. united airlines, the only american airier to operate the dreamliner said it has ordered inspections of all of its 787s. it's not a serious problem given the high-tech plane but they warned it could still undermine consumer confidence. >>> the government is calling for an urgent review of the nation's arctic offshore drilling practices in the wake of a series of missteps voflg the shell oil compa
with representatives of the nra later this week. nba's ron mott covering this story for us. >> reporter: two years ago today 9-year-old christina-taylor green was the youngest shot in a grocery store. in a new campaign her mother is pleading for stricter gun laws. >> i have one question for our leaders, when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby? >> reporter: her questions are part of a growing chorus around the country for gun prevention. today, calls for action were joined by a new voice, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head in the arizona spree, launching an effort to curb gun violence. >> gabby and i are both gun owners. we are strong supporters of the second amendment but we've got to do something from getting the guns into the wrong hands. >> reporter: it's a sentiment that seems to be spreading. a gallup poll taken after newtown says 58% are tougher on gun sales. up 15 points from 2011 and nearly 2/3, 62% say it's time to ban high capacity ammunition magazines, the kinds often used in mass killings. all of this talk of gun restrictions meant banged u
of gun control supporters, one day before a planned meeting with gun rights advocates, including the nra. this is all in advance of the administration's push for new gun laws in the post newtown era. our white house correspondent kristen welker was there. she is with us tonight from the north lawn. kristen, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you. trying to maintain momentum. for stiffer gun control laws in the wake of that tragedy. vice president biden met with victims' groups and gun safety organizations here at the white house today and laid down a new political marker. meeting with his gun safety task force, the vice president said the white house is prepared to act if congress does not. >> i want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion, unless we can do everything we're going to do nothing. it's critically important we act. >> reporter: sources close to the talks say among the executive actions, the president is considering expanding background checks for gun purchases. >> without an act of congress, without any help from the legislature,
. the nra is fighting back with its own statement saying, quote, whoever thinks this ad is about preside president obama's daughters are missing the subject. this ad is about keeping our children safe. >>> police in marin county collected more than 800 guns during buyback programs yesterday. people surrendered 827 guns. organizers say each person receives 1 $100 to $200 per firearm. the weapons were collected. no questions asked. police didn't investigate anyone turning in a gun. a second buy-back event will be held next monday on the martin luther king holiday in san rafael. >>> a wife passionately pleading for help to find the killer of her husband and solve this year's first and only homicide so far in san jose. nbc bay area's bob redell is live outside police headquarters. the question is do the investigators have any real leads? >> reporter: no, they don't. good morning to you, john. a sergeant tells us in his words it's a big question mark as to who shot and killed yvonne segura from san jose, married with a young child. police are confident someone knows what happened. that's why
us, we must act now for grace. >> the nra is getting ready for battle, raising money and e-mailing supporters to upgrade their membership for, quote, the fight of the century. >> we're not saying that your rights are at risk. the president of the united states is saying that. >> so where do things go from here? nbc's tracie potts is in washington for us. tracie, how is the president going to get the public and congress to support this legislative agenda? >> reporter: with a very public campaign, mara. started last night with an op-ed the president published in "the connecticut post." the newspaper up there where the newtown tragedy happened. in it he said that congress needs to help and not hinder bypassing this ban on assault weapons and on magazines, but it looks like that's iffy here on capitol hill. the white house also has a campaign-style tour planned, we don't know where he'll stop, but they are hoping speeches the president does around the country will draw support. and they are launching a website with videos from victims talking about different ways they want to c
of the organization. 34% a negative one. among gun owners, the nra's positive rating is 62%. among nongun owners, 25%. >> we're powerful to the extent that we are because there are millions and millions of americans who truly care about second amendment issues. >> reporter: of course, this was part of an extensive look we did in this poll on the president, where he stands going into the second term, as well as all of washington. and it won't surprise you, brian, to find out if it's possible, americans have grown more pessimistic about its leaders here in d.c., and worse, they think washington is hurting the economy. the whole poll is on our website right now. >> boy, those numbers didn't have much far further to go. chuck todd in our d.c. newsroom tonight. thanks for all of it. >>> weather is making news tonight. a very large winter storm system has left quite a bit of snow on the ground from the deep south, and we're talking about mississippi, alabama, rare snow on the ground there, to the mid atlantic tonight. systems moving fast, but the snowfall where it's falling is heavy and inten
. >>> new jersey governor chris christie said the new nra ad using president obama's daughters to make a point about armed guards at schools is reprehensible. >> authors in southern australia say a fast-moving brush fire has doubled in size to about 111,000 acres fueled binary record high temperatures. at least one man has been killed, hundreds evacuated and five properties destroyed. >>> well, the mother offering popular advice known as dear abby has died. pauline phillips who wrote under the name of abigail van buren in her long-running dear abby column was 94. >>> check this out, researchers have created a new gadget that can snap photographs of snowflakes in 3-d. the device uses three high-speed cameras to capture the amazing photos while the snowflakes are in free fall. very cool. >> now to health news. new numbers from the american cancer society shows a dramatic drop in cancer death rates down 20% from the peak in 1991. experts credit people smoking less and early detection especially for breast and colon cancer. but numbers aren't all good. the death rate for melanoma caused by
to lobbying power of the nra. >> they say they're gearing up for an all out battle, insisting gun bans make no one safer. vice president biden is spearheading public push for new gun legislation that will strengthen background checks, limit high capacity ammunition magazines and get assault weapons off the streets. >> this is about action. no more talk. if not now, when. >> the american debate over guns. hitting home in the nation's capital. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> the senate is set to begin hearings on gun control debate next wednesday. and supporters of gun control gathered in the bay area as part of the nationwide effort. >> gun control now! gun control now! >> the members of the grass roots group called one million moms for gun control, committed to passing what they call common sense gun control laws in the united states. >> no one can stand on the sidelines any more, this effects everybody. no one is safe from this, as long as military style assault weapons are available legally in this country. >> members are pushing for a ban on military style assault weapons, a limit
representatives from both sides will testify before a senate committee about this issue, including nra ceo wayne laperriere. lester? >> kristen, thank you. >>> it's been a long, cold week for many folks in the eastern half of the country. the south in particular has been dealing with conditions that many in the region are neither accustom ed to nor prepared for. nbc's katie tur has more tonight. >> reporter: the sounds of winter. a windshield wiper straining to clear the ice. the roar of a salt truck. and the pelting of sleet on a window. freezing rain and ice made travel a nightmare throughout the carolinas. 29 people hospitalized. hundreds of traffic wrecks just in the charlotte area alone. folks around here don't take so kindly to this sort of thing. >> losing control and slipping and sliding. i hate it. i'm a good old southern boy. i don't like cold weather. i don't like ice. i don't like snow. >> reporter: the frigid temperatures in tennessee left trees looking like ice sculptures and forced paramedics to skate to victims. in virginia, snow was the problem. interstate 81 clouded by a mix of
, limit high capacity magazines and ban assault weapons. the nra has said it would fight the proposals insisting bans make no one safer. the senate is scheduled it begin hearings on the issue this coming wednesday. >> san jose may soon start handing out bonuses to keep cops on the force. city councilmen stan la card doe and pete constant are proposing the idea and they say with so many cops leaving san jose, the city should consider giving officers 8% retention bonuses. >> it's critical for to us convey a strong message to all the rank and file we val i their hard work and serious risks they take and we're trying to do what we can within our means. we had to cut. now we think we have some money so let's do what we can to keep the wheels on. >> the idea comes with a price tag of $7.5 million. leaders of san jose's police officer's union say they aren't sure what to make of the proposal considering a couple of weeks ago, the mayor was considering more police layoffs and pay cuts. the union argues the place for pay discussions is at the bargaining table. >>> a banner ad that fell from the
, i think you missed it. >> let there be order. >> reporter: the nra said adding new laws would hit ordinary citizens not criminals. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell. >>> this is the year for immigration reform. that's president obama's hope. he laid out his platform with our sister spanish network jose diaz mullar from telemundo. >> we know what's needed when it comes to border security. we know what's needed when it comes to dealing with employers who may unlawfully hire undocumented workers. we know what the pathway to citizenship looks like and what the criteria should be. so, really the issue here is not so much technical as it is political. i'd like to see it get done in the first half of the year, if possible. >>> hope remains for the search of a missing air force pilot off the coast of italy today. captain lucas guntner and his f-16 disappeared three days ago during a nighttime mission. his wife describes him as a self-reliant outdoorsman. and if anybody could survive something like this, she says, lucas cold. fog hampered the u.s. and italian rescue efforts but the family remains h
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but the president of the nra biden's gun safety task force. the president of the nra is ace speaking out, accusing the obama administration of attacking the second amendment. second >> they made it very clear thate the president's position on pr firearms and on the so firearms and the so-called assault weapons ban and the like had been the same position that he's t he has taken for many years and that they're going to stick with ng to that. stick with >> reporter: sharp words came after the vice president earlier in the day previewed his presi earlier in the day previewed his upcoming report. upcoming repo >> there's an emerging set of tg recommendations. set of i'm going to focus on the ones that relate that relate primarily to gun ownership, what type of weapons ownership, the type of can be owned.ns that can be owned, and one is there is a a there is a surprising -- so far, a surprio surprising recurrence of surprf suggestions that we have suggese universal background checks. >> reporter: meanwhile the ckgr. president is coming under the president is scrutiny this week after naming scruti
the task force and met today with the nra and other groups. he plans to send to the president on tuesday president obama a proposal to change u.s. gun laws. it's expected to include a new ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines as well as a stronger background check system which includes the internet and gun shows. >> diminish the probability twhal we've seen in these mass shootings will occur and diminish the probability that our children are at risk in their schools. >> the nra release aid statement after today's meeting saying "we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment." this task force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearms owners. >> also today, president obama made it official. current chief of staff jack lew there on the left is now his nominee to be treasury secretary. his duties will include budget and tax policy as well as management of the debt. and the congressional black caucus is supporting oakland congresswoman bar
on this. the nra feels very, very strongly. gun owners feel very, very strongly. the same time, the american people are concern about the kinds of things that are happening in our society. surely, we can't get the whole ball of wax, i hope that there will be a way to find something in this continuum of things we can do that we are able to do to demonstrate to the american people that this problem is being taken seriously. >> general powell, we will leave it there >> thank you, david. >>> we will goal go inside the fights that dominate washington, not just over the president's cabinet but spending cuts and policy issues, like the war in afghanistan and new gun control legislation. our roundtable is here to help break it all down. democratic mayor of newark, corey beaker, former republican governor of mississippi you haley barbour, republican strategist mike murphy and our own chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, up next, after this short break. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, ch
the law, and the nra actually doesn't oppose it. i think we have -- this is the best chance of getting something done, and i think you're going to find much broader support than we've ever imagined. >> it's interesting, senator cruz. the president said to those americans who live in states like your own where there are very strong gun rights representatives, you're the ones who have to rise up and pressure those senators and congressmen to demand an assault weapons ban, a ban on magazines. and i wonder if the national rifle association has helped his cause with an ad that was released this week that talked about armed security guards, the president skeptical those could work, did not rule it out. but talking about the president's children and that issue of security. watch a portion of that ad. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their schools? >> over the line? >> look, i'm going to let people to decide to run what ads they want. i do think there's a fu
. >> that was a powerful press conference. >> nra vice president wayne lapierre also spoke saying that because of their children safety program, fatal firearm accidents are at the lowest level in more than 100 years. he said the government should not dictate what people can lawfully own and use to protect our families. >>> meantime, happening right now, pro gun activists holding a rally in san francisco speaking out. the group claims anti-gun legislation won't have any effect on crime rates. today's rally a precursor to the national day of resistant that is a series of pro-gun rallies taking place on february 23rd. >>> san francisco police are investigating remains that could solve an almost 30-year-old cold case. 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared on his way home from basketball practice in 1984. police served a search warrant in the haight-ashbury district yesterday. the home is close to the last place collins was seen. police sigh a cadaver dog picked up a scent and they found bones in the garage of that home buried underneath. neighbors say police detectives have been snooping around si
of the nra today. we're at the white house with details. >>> distracted drivers in deadly accidents. why some sentences are so light. >>> we're going to break down this morning's oscar nominations. >> very excited. >>> we want to start with the outbreak of the flu virus that's happening across the country right now. we have two reports this morning, beginning with dr. nancy snyderman, she's in boston this morning. nancy, good morning, i know there's some serious cases there. >> reporter: good morning, savannah, yes, a state of emergency has been declared in boston at brigham women's hospital where they were seeing patients yesterday in the hallway. representative of the stranglehold of influenza is hitting across communities. i've been now in two major hospital emergency departments in the last two days and have never seen anything like this in the united states. >> i am declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> reporter: with 18 flu-related deaths in the state of massachusetts alone, boston mayor is warning the threat is very serious. so far this season, there have been
house today. tomorrow he sits down with the nra. >> this is just one of the very big issues facing the white house as we approach president obama's second inauguration later this month. as we mentioned, we'll catch up with a guy who will likely have a big voice in republican pop tix over the next four years. he is new jersey's governor, chris christie. we'll talk to him live in a couple of minutes. >>> also ahead, a warning about those metal water bottles. they're popular with children. it turns out there is a risk of kids getting their tongues trapped inside. very serious. can lead to a trip to the emergency room. so what, if anything, is being done about it? >>> then a strange phenomenon off the coast of southern california. we're talking about massive squid. they are being spotted and caught in record numbers. we'll get a live report about that. >>> but let us start on a wednesday morning in washington where the obama administration is getting ready to tackle a whole host of issues, beginning this morning with gun control. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house. peter, good
gun laws he wants and daring critics, the republicans and the n.r.a. to stop him. forcing to choose. is the obama goal to cut the republicans in two? that's what some conservatives think. to force those from the northeast to break from the party on hurricane sandy relief, force those from the suburbs to split from the hard-line base on guns, abortion, and gays. force the whole party to choose whether it's in or out of the tea party. and finally, what would lincoln say? as he writes his second inaugural address, is the president looking for the example of abraham lincoln? that other man from illinois
. before the president has even had a chance to unveil those bold proposals, the nra is signalling it intends to fight the president, and choosing this new web video that hits close to home, targeting his daughters. here's a clip. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? >> so while the nra is hitting the president on one proposal, he is not endorsing armed guards at schools. the president is set to unveil a laundry list of plans that one activist said if made law would be one of the most sweeping gun reforms since 1968 which followed the public outcry after the assassinations of bobby kennedy and martin luther king, jr. >> these tragedies must end. and to end them, we must change. >> fulfilling a promise he made one month ago in newtown, connecticut, president obama will unveil a series of proposals today to curb gun violence. >> the president has made clear he intends to take a comprehensive approach. >> sources familiar with the presiden
to the table who are opposed. the nra is diametrically opposed to new regulation, particularly around assault weapons and magazines. so that part seems to be very difficult. i have talked to senators on capitol hill who are in favor of getting done what they can. so making this more of a piecemeal approach and keeping this on the table for a longer period of time. even if they have to come back to it as other matters become more pressing. >> how many times have we seen this president, the fiscal cliff, you name it. would you expect the same presidential road show to get these things done? >> lester, it's the right question. and i think it would require that. the question is does he want this fight at this time when it will draw down so much political capital? he is locked in trench warfare because of the debt ceiling fight on additional revenue and spending. that's going to take a lot of energy. there are foreign policy matters. he wants to advance immigration. so it's unclear to me how much of a fight he wants on guns what he would have to, it seals, make it a singular issue to really campai
's be honest, okay. >>> the big gun control debate caught fire in another way. the nra came out with an ad that's really touched a lot of nerves. again, we're talking about whether or not teachers or security guards or somebody in schools should be armed. a lot of people, this is a controversial ad. take a look. >> the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical about putting armed security in schools, when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? mr. obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, but he's just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to fair share to security. protection for his kid and gun-free zones for ours. >> so the debate is that going too far? it's one thing to have your feelings about the second amendment and what that actually means, and it's another thing to drag the president's children into the debate. >> clearly, the president's kids are always a bigger target. >> no matter whether republican or democratic president. >> i still don't understand why there can't be a debate about the way we can still have weapons that
as i challenged wayne lapierre of the nra very hard when this came up, i challenge you as well with a question of, is this really going to make a difference? and rich lawry wrote something that caught my attention in "the national review." no one can write a law against mothers owning guns that one day might be turned against them by deranged sons who then commit horrific acts of murder-suicide. shooting rampages are hard to prevent because they are so often committed by young men with no criminal records who want to die. these are adult facts that don't intrude on the childish world of white house policy making. he notes adam lanza in newtown, his own mother of course passed a background check. >> here's the bottom line. these laws are not perfect. and you'll always find certain exceptions. but they make a huge difference. every major person who has studied the brady law, which is the most significant gun safety law we've passed in the last 20 years has said it has reduced gun violence dramatically. law enforcement is totally for the brady law. and the idea that felons or peop
fresh opposition to that ban from the nra and even harry reid questions whether it benefits congress. how hard do we push for the assault weapons ban, and if we can't convince congress, what other method would be used in order to curb gun violence? >> like i said, the vice president and menz mbers of my cabinet went through a very thorough process in the last month, meeting with stake holders in this, including the nra, listened to proposals from all corners, and they presented me now with a list of sensible, common-sense steps that can be taken to make sure that the kinds of violence we saw in newtown doesn't happen again. i'm going to be meeting with the vice president today. i expect to have a fuller presentation later in the week to give people some specifics about what i think we need to do. my starting point is not to worry about the politics, my starting point is to focus on what makes sense. what works. what should we be doing to make sure that our children are safe and that we're reducing the incidence of gun violence? and i think we can do that in a sensible way that compor
issues or other issues that he cares about. >> the nra has said there's no way this is going to get through congress. there's been talk about whether or not the white house would take it on perhaps in executive order. how much could the president do, though, with something like that? >> i don't think he could do all that much with executive authority on the assault weapons ban. if he could, he would have done it already. so i think that's the big question legislatively as to whether he can achieve that which was very difficult to achieve for president clinton during the 1990s. and even though democratic politicians and even president bush, with he was in office and it expired, he nominally favored the resumption of that assault weapons ban. but the political resistance is very difficult to overcome. it is not clear even in a moment like this that the president could overcome it again this time. so how long do you want to try? how much energy and political capital do you want to invest in attempting to do that? >> turning now to afghanistan, president obama and afghan president hamid
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